Welcome to Kaha Media, a company which can help you reach the people you need to reach.

GarethDugganMy name is Gareth Duggan, and I have 20 years’ experience working in and with the media. I have created Kaha to enable me help those who need communications advice and expertise.

The word Kaha means strength, and it comes from the Māori language, the native tongue of New Zealand, where I was raised.

I love language and all aspects of communication. I believe communicating ideas is not about strategies or ad buys, social media or message plans. It is about people. Everything else is a tool used by people to reach people.

I’ve worked for the Press Association and helped found www.stuff.co.nz, New Zealand’s largest news website. Later I handled media relations for the NHS trust which was simultaneously building Europe’s largest teaching hospital and treating dozens of severely injured military personnel.

So I know my way around both sides of the media. I also have a strong social conscience, and I see communications as a way of empowering people.

I know words, I know images, and I know social media. But most of all I know about people. And I’m all about helping you to get your message out to the audience you want to reach. I know it’s important and I can help.